Prize Per Day Mobile Application—A Savior For Advertisement Companies Created By Peerbits

23/07/2013 11:16

The business of advertisements companies becoming tougher day by day due to stiff competitions among them and increase in numbers of clients to sought good results on their investment.


The actual job of advertisement companies are not finishing with the placements of an Ad on the various possible platforms, but getting some good results through those Ads are also their responsibilities therefore, getting people involved in the interactions of the advertisements is crucial thing for them. There are plenty of ways to involve live interactions of the people and among them offering some lucrative gifts in exchange of their interactions is a solid strategy.


In wake of such strategies, Ben Dolgoff is CoFounder of ByteVentures LLC, Boston (USA) has charted a plan to create some mobile applications that offer various gifts in exchange of their interactions, share and spreading of good words for their advertisement companies/clients. They started searching a reputed and dependable Mobile Application developmen company on the web and among their social circles. After some digging they found Peerbits the most reliable and affordable alternative.


With this Prize Pe r Day app, this client wants end users to download free apps, watch videos, and complete offers to earn points from particular advertising companies so those advertising companies can get user-bases and spread their words. Therefore, Peerbits has created a mechanism that let users to download stuff from particular companies or their products and the numbers of downloading should be computed and turned into points. Now, those points need to be converted in the entry points of the contests.


Now, what are the results of these endeavors of Peerbits? Client ultimately received great downloading in both market places and got responses as well and from the merchants who offering gift cards, and they are now more than 50 in numbers due to the popularity of apps. At present client, through these apps is paying nearly thousands of prizes per day.


Conclusion :-

Prize Per Day is an ultimate solution of the problems of advertisement companies to involve maximum numbers of people in their advertisement campaign to offer good returns to their clients. Peerbits has beautifully designed this app to create maximum interactions through smartphone applications.