iPhone Programming India—Offers The Extract of Their Experiences Part 2

17/01/2013 18:11

In previous part we had focused on the moneytization of the iPhone Programming India companies approaches so in this part we will continue with the same topic and will discuss little bit more this topic. Getting good profit doesn't mean only good marketing or development strategies but choice of the ways of developments and choice of the technologies for your iPhone programming India projects.

Particularly for iPhone you can go to native app development using Objective C, X-code environment and other useful tools which are require more intense efforts and development time that means more cost so you have to have clear idea about the break in points of your marketing of your app so you can give robust results using native technologies. If your targets are leading you to make web app that is a kind of a website running on the iPhone Safari but simulating native app in most of the aspects would demand fewer efforts, less technical complexities and knowledge of development languages as well as significantly less time to come up with output.

There is a middle way also exists and that is hybrid app for iPhone app development that fall in between native and web app in terms of technologies and time lines so smart iPhone programming India companies when see that the clients have good ideas but limited budget they convince clients to drop off some features and accept the hybrid or web app options to assure their success to earn money. This way they never loss the clients who approaches them once.