iPhone Application Programming—Resources for newbies Part 2

25/06/2013 10:46

Apple brought the word smartphone in the mainstream by unveiling iPhone since then iPhone is just like a king in smartphones and efforts of Apple to giving regular update with technological advancements as well as adding innovative feature in back-to-back release keeps iPhone in demand always and showing an increased user base at each time. This development of new market has significant impacts on the development community as Apple allows 3rd party software development means iPhone application development and many has learned the iPhone application development using the available resources on the internet as they are mainly provided by Apple itself.


In last part we have seen some resources for newbies like iOS app development guide and keep it continue we go further.

iOS app development guide

This development guide offers you a complete overview of the entire end-to-end iPhone application programming process so you can clear your concepts regarding to development strategies, architectures, coding pattern and logic. In this guide you have complete information regarding to the software and development tools you need for a successful development moreover you can get accurate information about the App store its guidelines and other terms related to your marketing through App store.


Some important discussions also available for interface designing because most of the web developers enter in this field with their web development biases so intimating for this tiny device is must where operating modes are hand gestures restricting upto fingers and thumb. Therefore, UI designing is altogether different than that of web. In short everything is available for a start ups to find their feet and get going.