iPhone Application Development—Grouping and filing in Performance Focused Project Set Up Part 4

01/03/2013 16:04

In previous part we have seen that how we can organize the source code structure by creating underlying file structure as per iPhone application development project needs and how we can import those changes in the Xcode project. In due course we have seen many methods to do this work.


One important thing we realized that we should have solid backup system so we need to take the backup of the new project and in due course we have to select the all child files and groups of the ongoing project within Xcode and push Delete key when one conformational window will pop up with options and asking you to delete files or only references then you have to select only references so your original files and groups will remain intact in Xcode.


With this action you will be able to make further changes to the underlying directory structure through just drag and drop actions for underlying disk structure that we have changed in the root of our Xcode project for iPhone application development. When you perform this changes a prompt will appear asking you several option like Copy items into the destinations group's folder (if needed) so don't select this option but instead select the Create groups for any added folders then push Finish button.


Now with this selection you will see the appropriate groups for each of underlying folder in Xcode. Thus you will get group references to the underlying as well as newly placed directory structures hence we will have expected organizational structures in our iPhone application development project.